For Mother Earth, patronize eco-friendly B&Bs

If you’re resolved to reduce your carbon footprint, and be kind to Mother Earth, here’s one way: Patronize Green Lodging B&Bs care about Mother Earth.bed-and-breakfasts designated by the state as Florida Green Lodging properties.

The Green Lodging Program, a voluntary initiative of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, recognizes accommodations that commit to conserving and protecting the state’s natural resources. To be designated, properties must implement environmental practices in areas including waste reduction, reuse, recycling, water conservation and energy efficiency.

For inns, the program is a win-win: It benefits the environment, while reducing operating costs and attracting “green” guests. You’ll find the Green Lodging Program logo – a house with a palm tree – prominently displayed on some websites, with a list of eco-friendly practices.

New Smyrna-SwanThe Addison on Amelia site, for instance, devotes a whole Web page to spelling out the ways the inn meets the Green Lodging criteria: with use of compact fluorescent bulbs and LED lights, and dimmable lights and timers; use of biodegradable amenities; use of energy-efficient appliances, recycling centers in guestrooms and common areas for newspapers, plastic, glass and metals; use of eco-friendly cleaning products; and much more.

The Jenks House, in Jacksonville, posts its certification form online, to show potential guests the long checklist of green practices it complies with to maintain its Green Lodging designation.

In 2015, there were more than 200 designated Florida Green Lodging properties, 13 of which were historic B&Bs.

In Northeast Florida:

In Central Florida:

In South Florida:

Visit the Florida Green Lodging website to learn more about how properties are evaluated and to see a complete and updated list of the designated properties statewide.


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